It’s about versatility – the TrailRider can take a wide variety of people along a vast selection of trails.

The TrailRider is a lightweight, but strong, device that is ergonomically designed to maximise comfort. the TrailRider features a pneumatic tire to ease the ride and a highly reliable disc brake system for increased safety.

With its one-wheel design, and ‘sherpas’ front and back, the TrailRider makes a minimal environmental impact. This design enables it to pass along narrow trails, over obstacles and negotiate steep ground.

It can cover a wide variety of terrain, from city parks to mountain passes – and everything in-between.

Invented in 1995, and redesigned in 2005, the TrailRider has proved itself over thousands of hikes across the globe. It’s been to the floor of the Grand Canyon, the summit of Kilmanjaro, Everest Base Camp, a list of New Zealand mountaintops and along Canada’s West Coast Trail.

The typical TrailRider hike is closer to home, however. Hundreds of people use the TrailRider to visit parks and vacation spots, for fishing trips and school outings, for summer camps and afternoons enjoying urban trails.

If you want to find out how you could benefit from a TrailRider, contact us.

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